Stride’s Parkour Gameplay is Coming to Oculus Quest – VRFocus

Joy Way’s free-running virtual reality (VR) titles Stride is currently in Early Access for PC VR headsets with plans to bring the videogame to PlayStation VR as well. On top of that, Joy Way has just revealed that Stride will be coming to Oculus Quest as well as, although its still in the early stages at the moment.


In an email Joy Way confirmed the news, saying: “We are pleased to announce that Oculus has accepted our concept pitch for putting Stride on Quest. We’ll be working out details like the launch date as we get closer to finishing the Quest port, but we wanted to go ahead and share the good news.

“We are very excited about the Quest port. It has been in development for over three months and we’re making a lot of progress, the team is almost finished working on the technical base of the game. STRIDE was already a graphically ascetic game (for the purposes of better sense of direction and less motion sickness), so we have been able to keep the Quest version very close to the PC version visually, and it plays identically.”

Stride launched last summer initially with one gameplay mode ‘Endless’, where players could try to get as far as possible without dying, wall running, jumping chasms and shooting enemies along the way. This was followed up with ‘Time Run’ and ‘Arena’ modes, the former tasking players with completing a course in an allotted time, competing for leaderboard positions. In ‘Arena’ players have an open section of the city to explore, challenged with a variety of tasks to complete.


The studio has also confirmed that a Story Mode is on the way, slated for Q3 2021. This would mark the official launch of Stride out of Early Access, so Joy Way could well be looking to tie the Oculus Quest release in with it, creating one major cohesive launch.

Stride isn’t all Joy Way is working on, recently revealing a rhythm action videogame called Against. Offering some dark, crime noir aesthetics, Against has some unique gameplay elements which you can already try for yourself as there’s a downloadable demo on Steam. For further updates on Stride for Oculus Quest, keep reading VRFocus.

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